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Discover a diverse collection of genuine crafts and textiles,
meticulously crafted in India and delivered to you straight from the skilled artisans.

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Tradition Embodied

Sansthitah represents and embodies the traditional values,
culture and heritage of India in its products and services. The brand
brings alive the essence of Indian's rich tradition through its
offerings, making it more tangible and accessible to its

Our Responsibility

Opposite of fast fashion, we care for the planet and its
people so building good things take time and patience.
Committed to sustainable pratices, we prioritize ethical production
and quality craftmanship, ensuring that every product we create
reflects our dedication to a better world.

Our Promise

Dedicated to our promise of sustainability, we tirelessly
strive to minimize our environmental impact.
We source natural fibers, employ non-toxic dyes,
and prioritize the well-being of our planet and its
inhabitants at every step of our journey.

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Your support matters

Every time you make a purchase at Sansthitah, you not only
own a handmade product but also make a difference in
the life of a weavers & artisans. We will appreciate your reviews.
Thank you for joining us in this movement of enabling
weaving & craft communities!

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